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Some pointers for choosing goggles

Anti Fog

‘I can’t see my goggles are too misty, foggy, blurry, fizzy!

Whilst some of the comments do make us chuckle it can be really frustrating for both the child and the teacher to have to deal with goggles that are continually getting fogged up. Always look to purchase googles that have anti fog lenses.

Clear Lenses

Clear lenses are the best option for swimming lessons as it give the child the best visibility underwater and for watching demonstrations. Some lightly tinted lenses are a good option for open water swimming but if you are looking for the best option in the pool go for a clear lens and avoid the darkly tinted ones.

One-piece, moulded construction where the nose piece is built into the goggles are often recommend as there are less parts involved however some of the goggles we recommend do have an adjustable nose piece and these products can be particularly useful for those children with smaller faces and in particular a bridge across the nose.

Adjustable Straps

Most goggles come with adjustable straps which can be really useful in obtaining a good fit and also making sure the googles still fit as the child grows.

The adjustable mechanism on the Zoggs goggles is a little more delicate than the systems on the Aquasphere and Speedo googles on our recommendations. Goggles are best adjusted with a bit of patience and learning the correct technique as opposed to using brute force! See the images below that demonstrate how to put your goggles on correctly or how to help your child put their googles on.  If the goggle strap is too low at the base of their head the goggles will then feel too lose so the swimmer resorts  to tugging on the straps to tighten them and risk breaking them if they pull too hard.