About Us

At myswimkit , we pride ourselves on being able to offer high quality branded products for babies and children as they embark on their learning to swim adventure.

Myswimkit was created from an idea by Kirsty and Alison both professional swimming teachers with extensive knowledge of swimming and the key requirements for a baby and childs swimming kit. We are passionate about teaching babies and children to swim and be safe around water. We believe we have a huge amount of expertise of their needs and will only select products for our shop that we are happy to endorse.

Through our AquaKidz swim school we have a great opportunity to try out new products and will only endorse those that we know will deliver the best results. On many occasions parents told us that they were confused by the amount of choice they were faced with when searching through vast amounts of ranges and didn’t know what was the right product to buy .

We aim to provide an enjoyable and easy shopping experience where core products within each category are available for easy selection. We will only stock products that we recommend for their technical ability and which we have seen being used within our swim schools and we believe offer the best quality and value for money. We want to help you make your choice of product easier and suitable to your baby or child’s individual needs by providing our own key benefits and recommendations for products that we see being used on a daily basis. We will provide information on why we have selected the products to enable you to make an informed choice.

We stock major brands such as Splash About, Trunki , Zoggs and Speedo . Our range is growing all the time and we are looking out for new products continuously for use in our swim schools.

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