These are just a few of the questions that we get asked by parents when at the pool .

  1. Can I return a product to you? We hope the product meets your requirements , but if it is not as you expected , it can be returned as long as it is in its original  condition and unopened . Carriage charges for returns will need to be covered by our customers .Please contact us by phone or email to arrange.
  2. Why does my baby need a special swim nappy? Your baby needs to wear a product which ensures full protection in the water with no leakages as well as maintaining its composition  . A normal nappy will swell and break up when it comes into contact with the water .
  3. My child is a complete beginner what is the best equipment to use ? Your child needs to ensure they have buoyancy support in the water either from an adult of from some buoyancy aids. We would  recommend the use of  arm discs to start with , 3 on each arm, as they encourage your child to start gaining their water confidence  and develop the correct position in the water whilst feeling supported with their buoyancy.  No training aids are a substitute for parental attention and you should ensure your full attention to your child in the water at all times. As your child grows in confidence and buoyancy the arm discs can start to be reduced. Noodles are also good to encourage play and front and back kicking . To encourage your child to develop their aquatic breathing the use of  flips are good.
  4. My child struggles to put on their silicone hat , can you help? Ask your child to place their thumbs on the inside of the hat on the middle of their forehead .Keep their thumbs holding the hat as you stretch it over the head and then they can move it into position. Any pieces of hair can be positioned inside the hat to keep it tidy .
  5. How do I use a noodle when my child is swimming on their back? You can place the noodle behind your childs back so that they can stretch their legs in front and lie back to place the back of their head into the noodle . Encourage them to look up, keep ears on the water and keep their tummy up .Also remember to ask for pointy toes.
  6. What is best way to use a noodle when my child swims on their front? The noodle can be placed under your childs arms & around their chest so they can lean over the noodle and paddle with their arms and kick with their legs stretched out long behind them . Alternatively you can bend the noodle around to make a ‘window shape’ in the front so that bubbles can be blown into the water . If your child is happy to place their face in the water encourage them to put their face into the ‘window’ of the noodle and blow bubbles and lift their head to take a breath.
  7. My child doesn’t want to blow bubbles what do you suggest?Be patient they will eventually get there .Make a game of it encouraging their mouth in first and then their nose and eventually their eyes and face . Start slowly try blowing onto their cheek and them onto yours , maybe get them to catch your bubbles or blow through a straw, or practising blowing the Zoggs seal flips over and along in the water Remember they can always practice in the bath . 
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