Arm Discs 6 Pack


  • Comfortable and light to wear
  • Encourages correct body position in the water

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Arm Discs 6 Pack

Arm Discs 6 pack, nicknamed ‘magic muscles’ in our swimming lessons is a best-selling swimming aid for children. The red, green and yellow discs are made from solid foam. There is no need to inflate, making them extremely durable and hardwearing. The discs feature an elastic cuff  which is offset from the centre of the disk and is 90mm wide. Simply slide the swimmers arm through the hole, pushes to the upper arm, around the bicep to the armpit area. The discs are a comfortable snug fit, but as the material is flexible, it will adapt to the swimmers arms. Children normally feel very comfortable when wearing the discs as they do not pinch the skin. Additionally, each disc is very light.

Most children are happy using the arm discs, being able to move about the pool on their fronts and backs freely. As your child gains confidence and buoyancy in the water, simply reduce the quantity used. The off-centre position of the armhole means that the child’s head is clear of the water, and their position in the water is much more horizontal than with inflatable swimming aids. This way, children are practising their kicking and paddling in the correct position from the start and allowing the muscles they will later need to stay afloat when swimming, to strengthen .

We sell the Discs as a set of 6 for £15.00 which we recommend as a starter pack for complete beginners as they will usually need 3 discs on each arm to provide a sufficient level of buoyancy .

(Beginners recommended to have 6 discs, 3 per arm)

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Technical Spec

  • Unique buoyancy aid for children
  • Encourages correct body posture for swimming
  • Discs can be reduced as buoyancy in the water improve
  • Very light to wear
  • Allows freedom and flexibility of movement in the water
  • Made from a solid foam material shaped into rings
  • Extremely durable and easy to clean
  • Doesn't pinch the skin.