Animal character shaped fun kids floats


  • Fun animal character shaped float for children to play and learn
  • Great for practising float skills and imaginative play in the water


Animal character shaped fun kids floats help little ones to gain confidence and enjoy the water. These floats encourage a child to travel on their front to the float. They can also be used for floating on their backs, cuddling the animal float  across their tummy .

Our swim school uses a number of the animal character shaped fun floats for different skill practises .We use the star float in our swimming lessons when practising our float skills and techniques . We show the children how to make a star shape when floating on their backs and then they practise being twinkling stars looking up to the sky by holding  the fun float on their tummies  . We use the teddy bears when playing teddy bear picnic games for floating and kicking , and the ducks for duck pond games kicking with the float in the duckpond  .

They are great for helping your little ones to develop their imaginative play and  build their confidence in the water .They love to make up themes whilst kicking and paddling in the pool.

The animal character shaped fun kids floats are great little gifts for kids learning to swim .Choose from the  new Turtle design or crab , octopus , whale , duck , star and teddy bear shapes .

Additional information

Animal or shape

Crab, whale, octopus, duck, teddy bear, star, Turtle


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Technical Spec


280 x 230 x 30mm

6 great designs