Kids Swimming Pull Buoy Improves Technique


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Swimming Pull Buoy

With Free Delivery, our kids swimming pull buoy is a great swim training tool. Often used in swim schools the pull buoy is a figure of eight, one piece shaped closed cell foam. Designed to be held by the legs, high up between the thighs, it will help prevent unnecessary kicking.

At the earlier stages, the pull buoy can be used to help improve the body position. The buoyancy of the pull buoy, brings the hips higher up in the water, teaching your body to swim horizontally and streamlined.

For more advanced swimmers, the swimming pull buoy can be valuable piece of equipment. By keeping the legs motionless, the pull buoy helps maintain balance to help focus on the arm stroke. Developing upper arm strength and stroke technique, will eventually lead to increased efficiency, speed and endurance.

Used alongside a kickboard / training float a streamlined position can be achieved in the water. stock a variety of products to help Babies, Toddlers and Children with their swimming learning and development.

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Technical Spec

• Designed to aid in the development of upper body technique.
• Specifically designed for younger swimmers
• Flexible one-piece shape made in soft polyethylene foam reduces the effect of thigh friction.
• Buoyant and extremely durable.

  • Age 7 years +