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Latex Swimming Cap Yellow, Green or Red

With Free Delivery and made from top quality 30 gramme latex, a latex swimming cap is a must for the swimming bag. Made to a universal size and shaped, they provide extra comfort for children and adults, to protect hair against chlorine and other pool chemicals.

Available in Yellow, Green or Red, so swimming teams can have their own colour, when taking part in swimming galas or watersport events.

They are also great for hygiene and to identify individuals at swimming schools.

For early learners, these swimming caps can be used in conjunction with our swimming fun floats and swimming goggles.

As children progress, they can be used with our kickboards so that they can work on developing specific techniques.

To care for your swimming cap

1; Rinse out in fresh water after each use, and wipe dry with towel.

2; Sprinkle regularly with talcum powder.

3; Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight or any other source of heat. stock a variety of products to help Babies, Toddlers and Children with their swimming learning and development.

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Technical Spec

30g Latex Rubber