Polyester Fabric Swimming Cap




Polyester Fabric Swimming Cap Navy, Red or Blue and White

With Free Delivery, our polyester swimming cap are available in Navy, Red or Blue and White. They are lightweight, comfortable and quick drying, so will suit both beginners and the serious swimmer. As a one size fits all cap, they are suitable for children and adults.

They are ideal for regular swimming sessions, offering a comfortable fit whilst protecting your hair from chlorine. Many swimming schools insist that pupils wear a swimming cap for good hygiene. For swimmers with long hair, they can help prevent hair from getting tangled in swimming goggle straps.

To help the serious swimmier, the caps are often worn under a latex swimming cap, to reduce hair pulling and keeping hair in place. This also increases comfort whilst reducing drag through the water.

Our Polyester Swimming caps are available in Navy, Red or Blue and White, so you can kit out individuals or teams in different colours.

Polyester swimming caps are not porous, so they do not keep the water out.


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100% Polyester

One size, fits children and adults