Speedo Biofuse Finger Paddles


Great training aid for younger swimmers

Age 7 years +

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Speedo Biofuse Finger swim paddles are a swim training tool, that help stroke efficiency and improve a swimmer’s ‘feel’ for the water.  Finger Paddles allow the swimmer to focus on hand positioning in the water, to improve catch position and arm pull. Made from durable polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber, the easily adjustable silicone straps make them a comfortable and easy fit for all sizes. The smaller paddles covering the fingers allow for the surface of the palm to be exposed so you can feel the glide of the water and places less strain on the shoulders.

Biofuse technology allows the finger paddle to flex naturally but strong enough maximum resistance and optimum power through the water.  They are great for practicing sculling and developing the underwater propulsive pull phase of all the strokes. 
They can also add a new fun element to regular swimming workouts.


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Technical Spec

  • Designed to aid in the development of upper body technique.
  • Specifically designed for younger swimmers
  • Flexible one-piece shape made in soft polyethylene foam reduces the effect of thigh friction.
  • Buoyant and extremely durable
  • Age 7 years +