Splash About Reusable Baby Swimming Nappy Nina’s Ark


  • Nina’s Ark design
  • Comfortable, snug fit, leak free, reusable
  • Award winning product
  • Recomended by Aquakidz swimschool
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
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Splash About swim nappies are the most trusted reusable baby swim nappy recommended by Aquakidz and many other leading swim schools.

The New and Improved essential item in your baby swim kit means that if your baby does do a poo any ‘nasties’ will stay inside the nappy and not leak out in to the water.

This reusable swim nappy is made from super soft neoprene and is shaped into two back pieces, which cup the baby’s bottom. These are held securely in place by a gusset, whilst specialist waist and leg fabric grips comfortably, yet snugly, to your child’s body.Splash About have created this ergonomically form fitting nappy, to be secure yet comfortable no matter how hard they play and kick in the water.

Made of premium quality neoprene and finished with snug fitting, deep bands of fabric around the waist and legs it keeps all accidents inside and ensure a leak-free swim.The award winning Happy Nappy can be worn with or without a disposable swim nappy, although if wearing without, it is advised to have a liner for cleaning .

Care of the Happy Nappy is easy: after use simply rinse, roll and reuse .We stock 3 sizes from 3-24 months .


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M 3-6 months, L 6-12 months, XL 12-24 months


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Technical Spec

  • New and Improved Nina's Ark
  • Snug fitting to ensure a leak free swim
  • Award winning
  • Waist  :M 240-46cm , L 43-47cm,XL 45-51cm
  • M=3-8mths,L =6-12mths, XL =12- 24mths